Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 6 hours

Understanding Subtexts

“Subtext is the life that exists underneath the surface – the thoughts and feelings, both known and unknown hidden by behaviour” – Robert McKee. In this workshop we will learn to identify the communication behind the text people say that will enable us to understand the true feeling and respond better. Using the techniques of improvisation and how unplanned every moment of life is we will pay attention to subtexts to make conversations and relationships richer. Here are the things we will focus on:

FOLLOWING INTUITION: Behind the modus operandi of language and words lies our sense of emotion. There are many things in our everyday life cause some shift in the balance of our emotional value towards them. Here, we will see how to identify and embrace them.


BEING BODILY AWARE: Once our intuitive feeling is recognized, we will convert that into action/ gestures with our body. The way our world functions, we invariably become delineated from our body even though, ironically speaking, it is the closest thing to us.


LISTENING: It goes without saying, more often than not, we respond to the words spoken rather than the intent hidden behind the words. If we recognized and had the confidence to address the intent, our conversations would be a lot more deeper and meaningful


TAKING YOUR TIME: “The more words we use, the less will be the value of each word.”- Del Close. Breathing in between exchanges of lines in conversation allows for depth to come alive. That depth is a great tool to engage the other person in conversation and not overwhelm with excessive talking.


IMPROVISED PLAY: Bringing together all the learning from above, the way to understand it better will be to put it into performance.



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