Specialized Workshop Offerings

I take Improv classes, coaching and facilitation work for people of all demographics and backgrounds. Some of my work is very specialized and have been created as modules from my own artistic journey in Improv.

A Beginner's Guide to Improv

In this workshop, we will learn the philosophy of Yes-And and play a lot of fun games to learn the same

Saying more by saying less

In this workshop, our primary aim is to use non-verbal communication to express.

Understanding Subtexts

In this workshop we will learn to identify the communication behind the text people say

Improv: Through the lens of a movie

In this workshop, we will learn the formula of storytelling from the perspective of a movie and create improvised movie spectacle

Improvisation & The Actor

In this workshop, we will learn the techniques of improvisation that make one an authentic actor.

Finding the 'Comedy'

Understanding the universe of humor and knowing how it works in different contexts

Bring Out The Performer

When there is a live audience viewing you, how can you give them your absolute best presence

Advanced Storytelling through Improv

We will understand the depths of storytelling further with the tools of Improvisation

Sing-A-Song, Sing Along

We will work on the various ways in which a song can be improvised on the spot


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