Sing Along

Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 6 hours

Sing-A-Song, Sing Along

In this workshop, we will improvise song lyrics and become a musical performer. One does not need to know how to sing but having a musical ear is what we will help get to. Apart from this, we will work on the various ways in which a song can be improvised on the spot. These are the things we will focus on:

CHORUS: Deriving a catchy chorus line from the suggestion and bringing everyone on board to sing along

VERSE: What inspires the verse that comes out of the chorus is what we will learn here too

PATTERNS: Since the song is improvised, we will listen very carefully to identify patterns created by our fellow performers within the song itself and build on it

THE PERFORMANCE: Making the visualization of the song an incredible experience for the audience.

GENRE: Learning how to incorporate different musical genres and match our physical movement to suit the style as well.




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