Say More By

Saying Less

Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 20 hours

Say More By Saying Less

“The more words you use, lesser becomes the value of each word. You have to dare yourselves to be poets.” – Del Close. In this workshop, our primary aim is to use non-verbal communication to express. The secondary purpose is to condense our words. We will learn how to make verbal choices and make each word well intended and impactful. Below are the key things you will take away:

INTUITIVE IMPULSE: All our bodies are wired to feel feelings which is the truth of it all. Our bodies do not lie. They carry our most honest impulse. We will learn how to identify these and use it to express.

LISTENING FOR THE SUBTEXT: Many pieces of communication have an inner feeling or intention of the person hidden behind it. Let’s listen for them carefully and make responses that address what matters



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