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Wooo, the lyrics!

(Verse 1)
I take the spot when I break into confidence,
I resonate it as I jump the nervous fence,
Pull up my socks, pull up my smile,
I know its time, I know this time is mine,

The nervousness withdraws itself silently,
And the excitement that swells, transforms my personality,
I've got to bring to the fore my commitment,
Coz what I do is, I play in the moment

What comes next, my brain is in a fiddle,
I got to be sure I don't put up a riddle,
To the point and with strong emotion,
I have to play it out with a first class devotion

Improv is what I do dee da da dee do
Improv is what I do dee da da dee do,
Improv is what I do dee da da dee do,
We perform with honesty and make it our truth

(Verse 2)
Am I a sweeper, Am I a pilot,
Am I a 80 year old man who loves silence
Am I a Yoga teacher, Am I Batman,
Am I a wife who lives in Japan

Narratively speaking, it's a story unfolding,
building up plots and characters are moulding,
On the spot creations, reasoning and listening,
It's a reality on stage built by imagining

So to sum it up, in a short lyrical rhyme,
This is what we popularly know as Whose Line,
Scenes, games monologues and mime 
Unscripted and live, entertainment we provide,
Romance, horror, drama, bhojpuri or sci-fi,
Or even a genre' like a Shakespearan Homicide
This is what we do, it is an obsession
This is called Improv, can you give us a suggestion?

Same as above

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