Improvisation &

The Actor

Duration: Minimum 3 hours, Maximum 50 hours

Improvisation & The Actor

In this workshop, we will learn the techniques of improvisation that make one an authentic actor.

This Improv program is applicable for aspiring actors, improv enthusiasts and performance enthusiasts of any other physical art. Improv is an art form has its rooting in the enactment of every idea and choice we make on stage. That enactment is where the entire facet of acting comes into force. To be present in the moment, understand our intuitive feeling and then emote the same with our words and body is how Improv shapes one to be an actor. Plus, in Improv, you get to put yourself in challenging and unscripted moments where authentic and real feelings guide your acting ability. That will give you an edge and take your craft to newer heights. In this 20 hour program, you will learn the following:


INTUITIVE IMPULSE: All our bodies are wired to feel feelings which is the truth of it all. Our bodies do not lie. They carry our most honest impulse. We will learn how to identify these and use it to express.

STATUS & CHARACTER: With the way, we position our bodies, alter our voices and move, we can present an innumerable number of characters. Developing that range and versatility will stretch ourselves to play many number of fictional characters. 

EMOTION, ACTION & REACTION: When it comes to the heart of acting, what guides us to make strong choices is the emotion we feel in the moment. We will learn to understand emotions and use them to guide our bodies into acting. What do these emotions result in terms of action taken and what is the reaction we have to people and the environment when overcome by that emotion, is also what we will carefully analyse.

IMPROVISATION & STORY: To be able to enact a complete story all by yourself as you present your acting skills is also something we will work on. Plus, making up a great story with a beginning, middle and end, all improvised is another tremendous skill to have. 



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