Improv: Through The Lens of a Movie

Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 50 hours

Improv: Through The Lens of a Movie

In this workshop, we will learn the formula of storytelling from the perspective of a movie and create improvisation. This workshop, by and large, teaches long form improvisation. The aim is to select any one type of movie genre and work on it. As someone who absolutely adores the craft of filmmaking where each frame, each cut, each dialogue, every action and character development is poetic to the sense it cuts out inessential footage, is what I aim to teach. In depth, these are the things we will learn:

SETTING THE WORLD:  In improv, when the beginning is clearly set, the rest of the story becomes easier to follow. Here we will work on the content and techniques that set up the beginning of the movie. This will be where we see the normal reality of the world before conflict arises.  


CONFLICT: Identifying the different kinds of conflicts that can be faced such as inner conflicts, outer-personal conflicts (friends/ family/ professional) and conflicts against natural forces like the environment.

PROTAGONIST TRAJECTORY:  This section is of tremendous value since the world in the movie revolves around the choices the protagonist takes. So we will work on the journey of the protagonist, the supporting characters, nemesis and how they have to guide the primary narrative of the story forward.


CLIMAX: This part of the story is where the movie reaches its pinnacle. We will learn how to set up a climax that puts our protagonist at the cusp of his battle against his arch nemesis.


MOVIE ANALYSIS (THEORETICAL): We will pick any one movie and analyse the length, breath and depth of how it presents its story, characters, plot and all the other variables.


MOVIE SCORE INFLUENCE: With the help of live music, we will navigate our improvisation to add richness to all scenes and use that music to make them more dramatic

At the end of the workshop we will present an improvised movie.



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