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What's the idea?

Lets get going

In simple words, we’ll create an audio - video recorded original rap music video. This is to basically make something creative about Improv as a community of improvisers. The lyrics and tune are all set.

What's the song about?

It's a very fun set of lyrics where I have incorporated many elements of Improv. Things such as gaining confidence, playing with honesty, playing different characters etc feature in it. You can go through the lyrics HERE

What are the steps to participate?

There are 2 parts to it.

1. Listen to my sample recording of the track HERE
2. The instrumental tune is HERE
3.  Lyrics are HERE
4. Record your vocals of the entire song (Only the vocals, without the background score)
5. Send your vocal clips to


This will come after I have mixed the audio song. Once I do this, I will write to each of you requesting exactly which part of the lyrics you’d need to shoot yourself lip syncing to. I will also guide you on how to shoot it.


Why do this and what's in it for you?

I found these beats and lyrics in my old files from many years ago. Now that that hard part of creating it is over, I thought it'd be amazing to make this a fun community activity. The end product will leave us overjoyed. I guarantee you. Plus, something like this will always stick around longer and garner a memorable impact. Just ask Felix ;)


1. When do I send my audio clips?
Send it by the 22nd of July to

2. Can I add my own rap style?
Yes, feel free to add your own style. My audio above is just a reference of flow and beat-matching.


3. Do I need to rap the whole thing?

You needn't have to. But do pick a minimum of 4 lines to record. 

4. Can I record my video while I am recording my audio?
I’d dissuade that since the video part of it is an altogether different ball game and it will require detail and thought to make it look amazing


5. Is the instrumental tune final?
I am mostly going to enhance it some more. The beats and overall sound will stay the same. When working on its mixing, I'll add more elements to it.

6. When will you contact us for the video?
That depends on when the audio clip is ready. So maybe give me 3-4 days once all your files come.

Sample singing
00:00 / 02:09
Sample singing
Instumetnal tune
Hip Hop Tune.MP3
00:00 / 02:08

Ping for anything I can help on :) 

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