Improv: A Beginner's Guide

Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 50 hours

Improv: A Beginner's Guide

This workshop covers all the basic grounded work of Improv. This workshop is specially for those who would like to get a full grasp of the principals and foundations of Improv. It is here that any absolute beginner who'd like to get a full overview of the universe of Improv can experience. These are the things we will be working on:

YES AND: The 'golden rule' of Improv is the concept of 'yes and'. We will understand why this rule is so vital to Improv and put it into practice. 

GROUP MIND: Group mind refers to actively listening to our team players and responding to them in a manner where their idea offered is complimented


STORYTELLING: We will begin learning the craft of storytelling as a group. How paying attention to every little detail is essential and how a story improvised on the spot can keep the listener or viewer engaged


CHARACTER & COMMITMENT: We will learn the ways of developing different characters, their quirks and mannerisms and how we can stay fully committed to every detail about them


GAMES & SCENES: After slowly getting a grasp of the above, we can put those into practice by playing a series of Improv games and enacting improvised scenes. This will also help us discover the way we are in social contexts as well.




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