I have 10 years of Improv experience both as a trainer and performer. I have performed in over 100 shows across India including short form, long form improv and even musicals. I have taken dozens of Improv workshops from a duration to 2 to 50 hour programs. I have facilitated workshops for corporate clients namely Google, Uber, Philips, Decathlon, BCG, Paper Boat, Sony etc

I am the co-founder and former Artistic Director of Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB), an improv theatre company based out of Bangalore. I would set up and curated shows, workshops and nurture the improv community through the brand of ICB. www.ICBangalore.com.

I am also the founder and Festival Director of Bengaluru Improv Festival - India's first and only Improv theatre festival. I have run two editions of this behemoth international fest - 2018 and 2019. Both in the month of November and 5 days long, this festival has seen participation from over 200 artists coming in from 15 different countries. Find out more on www.bengaluruimprovfest.com.

My Improv Story

Improv all started for me back in July 2010 in Mumbai. I signed up for my first ever workshop then and it has been the most incredible journey ever since. My initial years of Improv were learnt under the directorship of Adam Dow, the former Artistic Director of ICM in Mumbai. After having moved to Bangalore in 2015, I continued my pursuit of Improv in an altogether new city, with new people and a new entertainment culture. 

I was fortunate enough to have the backing of Jus Trufs Cafe at Jakkur who jumped onboard the idea of doing an Improv show and with that Improv Comedy Bangalore was born. July 2015 onwards I have been learning and performing with ICB and growing the community of improv, of those who enjoy watching it and are enthusiastic to participate in it too. Since then, I have been grateful to have found an amazing set of people who I continue to work with taking workshops and performing shows with new interested people getting added which has only grown the ICB family more and more. 

Bangalore has also become the hotspot for international improvisers to come and I along with ICB have played host to people from so many places such as Japan, US, Finland, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Poland, Israel and more..


Specialized Workshop Offerings

I take Improv classes, coaching and facilitation work for people of all demographics and backgrounds. Some of my work is very specialized and have been created as modules from my own artistic journey in Improv.

Improv: Through the lens of a movie

In this workshop, we will learn the formula of storytelling from the perspective of a movie and create improvised movie spectacle

Understanding Subtexts

In this workshop we will learn to identify the communication behind the text people say

Bring Out The Performer

When there is a live audience viewing you, how can you give them your absolute best presence

Improvisation & The Actor

In this workshop, we will learn the techniques of improvisation that make one an authentic actor.

Finding the 'Comedy'

Understanding the universe of humor and knowing how it works in different contexts

Sing-A-Song, Sing Along

We will work on the various ways in which a song can be improvised on the spot

Advanced Storytelling through Improv

We will understand the depths of storytelling further with the tools of Improvisation

Saying more by saying less

In this workshop, our primary aim is to use non-verbal communication to express.

Improv: Fun with Spontaniety

In this workshop, we will learn the philosophy of Yes-And and play a lot of fun games to learn the same

My Improv Philosophy

I teach my Improv with the purpose of helping the participant discover themselves as they figure their way through the exercise and game. Improv, as an art leaves an impact when the activity allows for a peek or reflection of the individual to know who they are and how they stand in an ever social world. 





Flock Theatre, Amsterdam

It has been an absolute joy to work with Nasir during our stay in Bangalore, and more generally in India. He has been organising for us workshops and shows that has been successful and attended, recommended and helped with a beautiful accommodation, and has been simply a wonderfully kind host while we were staying in his city. The community he surrounded himself is supportive and enthusiastic, full of ideas and energy, at the image of what kind of person Nasir is. On top of that, he has been very helpful for us to design a tour in India, introducing us to other close communities. Nasir is clear, precise and very reactive in terms of communication beforehand, during the stay and afterwards: the type of person we wish to work with everyday!

I have been lucky enough to see Nasir perform when I was staying in Bangalore, and my only regret is to not have been able to share the stage with him! He is a great listener, picking up on his partners minds to build very good scene work. His corkiness is always rooted in a truthful and connected emotional work, which makes him on stage simply irresistible: bringing tears of joy and joy to have tears.



Founder, The Inner Startup, Gurgaon

I have known Nasir ever since I participated in the first Bengaluru Improv Festival in 2018. 
Nasir is very talented and extremely down to earth and approachable. He has great organisation skills. The smooth functioning of the event both years, which Iam sure like all events requires a huge amount of coordination, planning and involves last minute hitches. He handles these with utmost patience, always displaying a sense of calmness, while ensuring that the needs of participants and attendees are taken care of.  

I commend his efforts in building the Improv scene in India, since it's still in its nascent stage, it requires that much more work and Nasir is the best person handling it!



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