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I co-founded India's most prolific Improv community and directed India's first and only Improv festival


In 2015, I paved the way for what would be my biggest and most extensive contribution to the Indian Improv community. Headquartered in Bangalore, ICB has been at the forefront of Improv in India. As its Artistic Director for 5 years, I executed its direction, created training modules, curated live performances, hosted international Improv artists and created a culture of performers rooted in the dominion of Improv.

Some of my achievements through ICB include:

  • First Indian team to perform at the prestigious Second City stage in Chicago

  • Organized India's first 12hr Improvathon 

  • Brought over a 100 performances to the people of Bangalore and the rest of India

  • Taught Bangalore's first ever 50hr and 8 Week Improv intensive courses

Check out the website HERE


In November 2018, India got added to the global Improv map with its first ever Improv Festival. As its founder and director, I brought together 20 Improv teams and 100 Improv artists from all across India and the world in Bangalore to participate in this 4 day extravaganza. 

Similarly, in November 2019, I set up the second edition of the festival with 2 more days added with a bigger venue and more exciting activities.

Cumulatively both these editions saw performers come in from places like Surat, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, USA, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, Iran and more.

Check out the website HERE

Want consultation on setting up large scale Improv events or creating Improv properties?

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