Finding the


Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 20 hours

Finding the 'Comedy'

Fly into the most extravagant universe of humor with the tools of improvisation. Here we will work towards a thorough understanding of the depth of humor to find where the ‘funny’ in both the performative and social life is hidden. In this workshop you will learn:

EXAGGERATION VS SUBTELY: Its one thing to make attempts to be funny but to be extremely aware and realize whether you are making subtle or exaggerated humorous inserts (both verbal and non-verbal) is something else

SILENT HUMOR: How can you use your body language to makes actions/ reactions that are as good as verbal jokes (or far better in my opinion) as a tool to make people laugh.


GAME OF THE SCENE: Game-of-the-scene is a wonderful comedic technique where you find an unusual moment in your narrative and create a pattern of the same in different contexts.

UNDERSTANDING CONTEXTS: This section is a very important one because having the awareness of when what kind of ‘funny’ works or doesn’t work will help tremendously.

TIMING: Timing can be tricky in Improv since there is no timeframe scripted. But the fact that you develop greater focus on bringing the perfect retort is what we will practice and understand more of.

SINCERITY & COMMITMENT: The more sincerely you go about your scenework and the more committed you are, the more impactful will be your moment of humor. There is more strength in being honest than there is in being a hotshot.



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