Bring Out The


Duration: Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 30 hours

Bring Out The Performer

In this workshop, we will work at making you a more present and skillful performer. Specifically for the stage, when there is a live audience viewing you, how can you give them your absolute best presence while retaining the conviction of your character etc is what we will learn

ENTHUSIASM: Enthusiasm here means to have the inclination to make every single moment a masterpiece. No action, no word is a casual utterance. It is all infused with your enthusiasm to convey and express with your best intention. We will work at being more conscious about this

BODY LANGUAGE: Right from where your eye looks at, to your walk and the way your hands move depicts a lot about how comfortable/ unsure you are of being in front of an audience. We will work at identifying any gaps and also working towards being more self aware with a lot of body movement related work.

SPEECH: Irrespective of language, the enunciation matters a lot. We will work towards making decisive thoughts and expressing them vocally with clarity and conviction.

TURNING 'MISTAKES' INTO HUMOR: Mistakes will occur which is a matter of fact. Through the techniques of improvisation, we will learn to take mistakes into our stride and even make something humorous out of them

PRESENCE OF MIND: One of the most valuable traits to have, this will help you recognize the pulse of the room, pick up on the unplanned nature of life and address it in a respectable yet humorous fashion.




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