My career-hands have been dunked in many pots. That makes me a professional who is built out of many disciplines


I'm a creative behemoth. The drive for pursuing creatively applied tasks is where I shine out the most. This includes writing, acting, content creation and graphic design. I love developing innovative visions and hustle to make them come alive. I've done so specifically in the area of live entertainment through Improv comedy. I am also an ultramarathon runner and  a long distance cyclist. I thoroughly enjoy fitness and it is a very big part of my every day life. 


I am a professional moulded together from the disciplines of 
Theatre - Performance & Teaching, Improv, Comedy, Storytelling, Writing, Graphic Design and Event/ Festival Management. 

Across my entire professional career spanning 10 years, I have worked as a full time employee in companies ranging from Digital agencies, PR firms,Marathon organizers, Arts Spaces and an Employee Engagement company. As a freelancer, I have worked with many different companies bringing improv theatre and graphic designing projects to them.

I have also started and successfully run my own endeavour called Improv Comedy Bangalore & the Bengaluru Improv Fesitval for 5 years in Bangalore. 

Overall, I have very good communication, people and event curation, digital content creation skills and an ability to acclimatize to any new role/ workplace.