With the many years of Improv stage experience, I have a really good grasp over the craft of acting. 

My acting prowess lies in my expressions and non-verbal acting that combines emotional reactions and body gestures. When it comes to speaking, my language of proficiency is English followed by Hindi and Gujarati. 


IPL Dream 11


Cadbury Bournville


The Audition (National Winning Short)






Casting Director, Bengaluru Casting Coo

Nasir is a wonderful actor to armour yourself with because he has that rare combination of natural talent and hard work. He’s extremely perceptive and sincere, not to mention professional. It’s gratifying to see him bring a character to life and puts a lot of thought and groundwork into any role he approaches. I truly enjoyed working with him because he come as such a blank canvas and then works together with you to colour in the character.



Nasir Engineer

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